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In providing this information you consent to be contacted using the methods of communication you tick from the options listed above. Your data will be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. Your information will only be disclosed to Volvo Cars Hong Kong or agencies providing services and marketing communications for your benefit. If you wish to update or rectify the data you have voluntarily given us, or invoke applicable data protection rights, please contact Volvo Cars Hong Kong by telephone on +852 2927 3388

優惠價格只適用於2015年後車款,包括EX30, C40, XC40, S60, XC60, S90及XC90,價格詳情請向銷售職員查詢。 維信汽車(香港)有限公司保留更改產品售價、規格和設備之最終權利而無須另行通知。

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